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Google Releases The Second Iteration Of Their Modular Development Kit

Google Releases The Second Iteration Of Their Modular Development Kit

Each day we get a little closer to a public release of the Project Ara modular phone but today we got a little closer than usual. Google has now released the second version of their Modular Development Kit, or MDK. What this is, is essentially a beta version of a modular phone that allows developers to familiarize themselves with and help improve the device. The best part about this release is that quite a few notable improvements have been made. 

Lets start with software, more specifically the “Ara Module Marketplace.” This is Project Ara’s new online marketplace that allow users to purchase new modules for their modular phone directly from Google. New transactions placed through the Ara Module Marketplace will go through Google, Google will even be ensuring the quality of said modules are safe and up to spec. 

There is also a new software protocol that is called Greybus. What Greybus does is handle communications between the endoskeleton of a modular phone and its modules. This protocol will come in handy in the future when users are able to manage the functions of the modules on their device.

 Last but certainly not least we have the one big hardware change that has been made to the Project Ara modular phone. The Ara team has really outdone themselves in developing a new contactless connection system that allows modules to connect to the endoskeleton without actually coming into contact with eachother. This change will improve both cost and durability which translates to cheaper cost to the consumer and a device that will last longer.

Project Ara has a developer conference planned for January 14th in Mountain View. There we can expect to learn more on this new MDK and what it is capable of. 

Source | Phonebloks

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