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Could The Next iPhone Have An OLED Display?

Could The Next iPhone Have An OLED Display?
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Apple has been messing with the formula on iPhone display sizes since the iPhone 5, and it seems that they might be taking another step in the near future to change up the display again.

The biggest change we’ve seen so far with Apple’s displays came with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which brought screens sizes we never thought we’d see on iOS devices. Finally we had a larger screen size. However with that change, Apple didn’t change up the standard IPS technology they had been using in their displays for years before. Now a rumor is coming out saying that Apple will be adopting an OLED display for the next iPhone.

The rumor stems from an investment Apple made in a Foxconn subsidiary of $2.6 Billion which is for a production line producing 5-inch OLED display alongside OLED smartwatch displays. While it’s not 100% certain that this rumor will come to reality, it’s entirely possible.

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