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Yes T-Mobile Is Awesome, But Can We Please Stop Fanboying Over Them?

Yes T-Mobile Is Awesome, But Can We Please Stop Fanboying Over Them?

The Uncarrier. Team Magenta. T-Mobile is known as many things, and right now they are the crowd favorite for tech enthusiasts as US carriers go. There’s good reason for that. The company is making ground-breaking moves all the time that are shaking through the entire cellular industry and changing things throughout it for the better. Their customer service is, for the most part, stellar as well. And let’s not even get started on their CEO John Legere. He’s just an absolute riot. Plain and simple T-Mobile is a pretty awesome carrier, but they’re not without faults, so can we please stop fanboying over them?

It seems like there are more T-Mobile fanboys nowadays then there are Apple or Android fanboys. Say anything about any carrier, and sooner or later (but probably sooner) someone will step in a write a couple paragraphs in the comments about why T-Mobile is better or why they prefer them. That’s all good, but let’s all remember why T-Mobile is still the #4 carrier in the US, their coverage.

T-Mobile is good at a lot of things, but giving you solid coverage is not one of them. It doesn’t matter what they are giving you, until T-Mobile improves their coverage, it won’t matter to anyone who lives outside of an urban area. Myself and many I know simply cannot use T-Mobile because if we did, there would be no point to having a phone at all. 

Now let's remember that only the bright pink is actual T-Mobile coverage...

Now let’s remember that only the bright pink is actual T-Mobile coverage…

T-Mobile is awesome. I wouldn’t ever say they weren’t. I really want to be a T-Mobile customer, but I’m tired of hearing people say every, single, day that T-Mobile is better than (insert carrier name here) when they still don’t get coverage in half the places that many customers need them to. Sure, they’re working on it, but that’s going to take time. So until their coverage starts growing, can we please just stop fanboying them? 

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