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Our Five Favorite Pieces Of Tech Out Of CES 2015

Our Five Favorite Pieces Of Tech Out Of CES 2015

CES 2015 has just wrapped up today and there’s no doubt that it was full of the worlds craziest and most advanced technology on the planet. The only bad part about this is, is that there is so much technology unveiled and shown off at CES that it can be difficult to keep up with it all. That’s why we’re here, in fact, we have thrown together this article to show you guys what we think are the top five most noteworthy pieces of tech that came out of CES this year. 

LG G Flex 2

First up is a new LG product that has been called “the first curved smartphone that regular people will actually want to use.” We are of course talking about the LG G Flex 2, the successor to last years LG G Flex. 

This device is shiny, beautiful, and has just the right amount of curve to catch peoples eyes. Something else that is great about the G Flex 2 is it’s self-healing back, it gets a scratch and 10 minutes later it’s magically disappeared. Not to mention this thing is packing a Snapdragon 810, making it a powerhouse of a device. 

Mercedes-Benz F 015

The car of the future, a concept that has been promised to us for many many years but never actually came to fruition.This year though, it appears as though Mercedes has got that concept down pretty well. Not only is the F 015 capable of complete autonomy but it is also hydrogen powered, making it extremely efficient and smog free. 

Luxury and cutting-edge, those two words best describe the F 015. It includes a cabin that has been described as “lounge-like” by Mercedes and has carbon fiber reinforced plastic all throughout it. This carbon fiber reinforced plastic is the same stuff that BMW is using in their next-gen i3 and i8 models to make them super resilient. 

Airdog Drone

This is not your regular run-of-the-mill quad-copter drone, this is an Airdog drone. What’s so special about an Airdog drone you ask? Well, to put it quite simply, it follows you. The Airdog drone will actually follow and film whomever is wearing a small tracking device that comes with the drone. 

The Airdog drone was designed for people who are physically active and want to get their outings on film, whether that be BMX or snowboarding or anything in between. Heck, you can even have the Airdog drone as a little companion that follows you around so that you don’t get lonely. 

LG webOS Smartwatch

While this device wasn’t really officially at CES, it did still make an unofficial splash. During Audi’s keynote, a man who worked at Audi was spotted wearing this device on his wrist and it got a lot of attention, so naturally journalists tracked him down and got some hands-on time with the device. 

It was thought to be running Android Wear at first but once journalists actually accessed the settings of the device they found out that it was actually running webOS. The device is obviously unfinished as it has not even been officially announced yet, that being said, the software still seemed to be very smooth and pretty. On top of that, the hardware is simply beautiful. 

Sony X900C 4K TV

This is the thinnest TV we have ever seen before. The Sony X900C 4K TV is thinner than any smartphone currently on the market and has an absolutely stunning picture quality. But neither of those things are the best part about this TV.

The best thing about this TV is the fact that it is running Android TV. Yes, that’s right folks, this TV actually runs Android TV, and quite beautifully if we must say so ourselves. 

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