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These New Toshiba SD Memory Cards Have Built-In NFC and Wi-Fi

These New Toshiba SD Memory Cards Have Built-In NFC and Wi-Fi

At CES 2015, Toshiba has announced a set of new SD memory cards for your camera. These SD memory cards will come in 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB and will offer something that is quite the step above your cameras typical SD memory card. 

There are two types of this new SD memory card that Toshiba has unveiled at CES, an NFC enabled model and a Wi-Fi enabled model. The NFC model will allow users to preview images you take on your camera via your Android device. All you have to do is enable NFC on your Android device and tap it on your camera. As for the Wi-Fi model, it will allow you to access your photos on your Android or iOS device when within a certain range of your camera. While connected to your SD memory cards Wi-Fi, you will still be able to access your home Wi-Fi which is a huge plus. 

The Toshiba NFC enabled SD memory cards will go on sale in February, no price available yet. Although, the FlashAir lll, the Wi-Fi enabled SD memory cards, will go on sale in March for $79.99.  

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