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Internet Explorers Successor May Give Existing Browsers A Run For Their Money

Internet Explorers Successor May Give Existing Browsers A Run For Their Money

Sources close to Windows are now saying that Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s internet browser, could be getting a redesign with some pretty big additions in Windows 10. In fact, Windows 10 could quite possible include a completely new internet browser all-together. These sources also mention that these coming new additions will include features that no other internet browsers currently offer users. If this is all true, Microsoft could quite possibly have the top internet browser once Windows 10 is released to the public. 

So, what will this completely new internet browser be named, do we even know? Well, the source says that it is internally codenamed “Spartan,” whether or not this will stick until the public release is anybodies guess. Either way, we have to admit that we love the name and certainly wouldn’t mind it becoming the final name. 

Lets talk features, specifically what new and unique features this new Spartan browser will supposedly include. For starters, it will finally be integrated with Microsoft’s Google Now competitor, Cortana. Information such as upcoming flights and package tracking would then appear in Spartans address bar which a lot of users would surely find very useful. But Cortana integration doesn’t stop there, users will also be able to search through Cortana right from a new tab. As a matter of fact, sources say that Cortana search is planned to completely replace Bing search in the Spartan browser. 

Next, we have something that people who love to have 50 tabs open at once are going to love. The Spartan browser will include the ability to group tabs together in any way that the user desires. This would eliminate the pain of having to search for a specific tab when you have a significant amount of them open at once. 

Then we have the new inking support that will be included in the Spartan browser. This would allow users to add their own annotations to a web page and then share said annotated web pages with whomever they like. Once shared, multiple users can then collaborate on annotations and doodles made on the webpage. This feature will supposedly be powered by OneDrive which means that users will be able to access their annotated webpages from any of their devices. 

Spartan will be accessible from PCs, tablets, and smartphones which tells us that the Spartan browser will be included on the Windows Store. This will make it very easy for Microsoft to push updates to their new browser. This also means that Microsoft plans to have very similar experiences across devices, something that is always welcomed. 

Source: The Verge

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