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New Screenshots Show Off Pieces Of An Upcoming Chrome OS Material Redesign

New Screenshots Show Off Pieces Of An Upcoming Chrome OS Material Redesign

With Google bringing Material Design to their services and products, it was only a matter of time until Chrome OS got a material redesign. Now thanks to some new screenshots, it’s looking like that update is right around the corner. While most updates will be fairly subtle, one that will be far from that is the file manager.

On one of Google’s official pages for Material Design regarding layout and sturcture shows off a few screenshots of Chrome OS elements that have a heavy Material Design layout. The first of these shows off the redesigned Chrome OS dock which features some redesigned icons and slightly modified typography on the text. 

Where material design is more apparent and fully embraced is in the files app for Chrome OS. We get a blue color palette in the app with a new layout different then what we currently have on Chrome OS. All the elements we’re currently used to having still make an appearance. While this might not be the final product we see land on Chrome OS devices, it’s still something that’s entirely possible.

If you’re like me and just can’t wait for this update, you’re in luck. There’s not all that much time to wait for it. Two bug reports reveal that Google is targeting Chrome v42 for the material design update to hit, at least for the Files app. That means it could land as soon as next month.

Via: OMGChrome

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