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The Mysterious LG Watch Spotted At The CES Audi Event Runs WebOS

The Mysterious LG Watch Spotted At The CES Audi Event Runs WebOS

Those of you who have been keeping up with all of the tech news coming out of CES 2015 probably know about the mystery LG smartwatch. Said smartwatch was spotted on somebodies arm at the Audi press event and we later learned that it was a prototype. We also learned that the device was an early look at the collaboration between Audi and LG in making an entirely new smartwatch. 

Now, thanks to the fine folks over at Android Central, we have the most exciting news yet about this elusive LG smartwatch. Android Central tracked the device down at CES and got an opportunity to actually use it and scroll through its settings. In doing this they were able to discern that the device isn’t running Android Wear like most people believed it was. It is actually running webOS. While digging around in the settings they were also able to find out that the device codename is “LG W” and that the model number of the device is “LG-W120L.” 

This isn’t much information but learning that the device runs webOS is a pretty big deal in itself. As for when or if this device will ever hit the market is still a complete mystery but we can say this, if LG and Audi are willing to put this much work into creating such a beautiful and almost flawless piece of hardware, chances are that they plan on bringing it to market. 

Source: Android Central

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