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Google Search App Gets Updated To Version 4.1

Google Search App Gets Updated To Version 4.1

Chances are you probably missed this bit of news today in the midst of all the CES 2015 news. While you were probably reading about the latest and greatest gadget coming out of CES, Google went ahead and pushed out a substantial update to the Google Search app. 

Google Search is now up to version 4.1 with this update and with it comes some pretty exciting changes. First off and probably the first change you will notice is that Google Now now includes Material Design which makes it much more colorful and visually appealing. Also included in Google Now after the update is the new slide-out drawer on the left of the screen. In this slide-out drawer you can easily switch between multiple Google accounts, set reminders, customize which “Now Cards” show up, and access the settings menu. 

If you keep track of any stocks via Google Now then you will also notice that these have been slightly visually redone. The weather cards will also now show you their source which they did not do before. 

This update to version 4.1 of the Google Search app brings about a couple minor changes to the Google Now Launcher as well. For starters, the Google Now Launcher now has dots that will change size instead of color when swiping between pages. You will also notice, if you have a more keen eye, that upon tapping an app, the app now gets a slightly lighter color right before opening. 

There is also a completely new “manage space” button that has been added to the Google Search’s info. This setting allows you to do just what you think it does, lets you clear data that the Google Search app stores. 

If you would like to check to see if the Google Search update is available for you yet then just follow the source link below.

Source: Google Play Store

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