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Here it is, The Brand New Sony Walkman

Here it is, The Brand New Sony Walkman

Looks like the rumors were true about Sony unveiling a new Walkman at their CES conference. Sony has done just that and they are calling it the Walkman ZX2, it is designed for all you audioheads out there. Not only does the Walkman ZX2 bring you high quality audio but it will also bring you great design. 

The device has a matte texture on the back and all of the playback buttons such as play and rewind are actually carved into the devices curved side. A unique design that will surely appeal to many consumers. 

The only slight downside to this device is that is will be running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, a much outdated version of Android. Jelly Bean debuted back in 2012, making it about 3 years old. The again, this device isn’t meant to do things like download a bunch of apps and play graphically intensive games. The Walkman ZX2 is meant to listen to high quality music, it supports DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and even more. The device even has built in Bluetooth so that it can support Bluetooth headphones if consumers so desire. 

This device and its high quality audio capabilities and unique design will cost you a pretty penny. It comes in at about $1,120, not cheap by any means. We’re not sure how the audio is going to sound coming from the Sony Walkman ZX2 but it better be somewhat magical. 

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