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Samsung Puts All Other TVs To Shame With Their New Lineup Of SUHD TVs

Samsung Puts All Other TVs To Shame With Their New Lineup Of SUHD TVs

One of the companies that has got all of the press talking at CES this year is Samsung, all around CES people could see Samsung ads touting “the most seductive TV of all time.” Samsung has just revealed that exact TV to the world. Well, it’s a whole new line of TVs to be exact. 

That’s right folks, Samsung has just unveiled an entire new beautiful line of smart TVs to the CES crowd. These new SUHD smart TVs by Samsung are powered by a new technology that Samsung is calling nano-crystal semiconductors. These semiconductors are able to make the transmission of light and colors look as absolutely good as possible. Due to this, Samsungs new SUHD TVs are capable of displaying colors that are 64 times better than other leading TVs on the market. But wait, there’s more. Samsungs new TVs are also able to produce a brightness that is 2 and a half times greater than other leading TVs. 

This new line of SUHD smart TVs consists of three new TVs, the JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500. The biggest of these TVs will be 88-inches and the smallest will be 48-inches. All of which are powered by Samsungs own OS, Tizen. Pricing and availability are not yet available but we assume to learn this information over the coming months. 

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