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Drive PX is NVIDIAs New Connected Car Platform

Drive PX is NVIDIAs New Connected Car Platform

There’s no doubt that cars have become a big part of CES over the past couple of years and this year is no different. NVIDIA showed us this during their conference tonight that has so far consisted of mostly, smarter automobiles. NVIDIA plans to make your future car smarter by incorporating something that they are calling Drive PX.

Drive PX is NVIDIAs new platform for the connected car and it’s no joke. What Drive PX does is take advantage of 12 cameras located all around your car and NVIDIAs “deep neural network to identify objects and cars around you as you drive. The cameras and deep neural network together are able to identify things like what type of vehicles are around you and even what color street lights are. All of this really allows Drive PX to take the meaning of “self-aware vehicle” to the next level.

What powers Drive PX is NVIDIAs newly announced processor, the Tegra X1 “superchip.” Drive PX is actually powered by not one but two of the Tegra X1 processors, allowing Drive PX to process 2.3 Teraflops. The Tegra X1 also has a very powerful GPU which NVIDIA will take full advantage of in recognizing images received from the 12 cameras around your car. 

When receiving live images from around your car, the Drive PX system will mark an object as unknown if NVIDIAs neural network does not recognize it. Once marked as unknown, the system will send the image back to the neural network so that it can be identified and updated in the system for other vehicles to recognize from then on. This allows NVIDIAs neural network to be constantly learning new objects and recognizing existing ones more accurately. 

It gets even better, especially for those of you who like to travel a little above the speed limit. The Drive PX system is capable of recognizing both traffic cameras and police vehicles around you. This will give you a little heads up to slow down when there is a cop or traffic camera nearby, even if you don’t see it. 

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