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NVIDIA Unveils the NVIDIA X1 'Mobile Superchip'

NVIDIA Unveils the NVIDIA X1 'Mobile Superchip'

Nvidia’s CES conference tonight was started off by their CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang as he took the stage to unveil what he calls the worlds first “mobile superchip.” This so-called mobile superchip is called the Tegra X1 and it is packing some serious firepower. The X1 has a total of 256 processor cores and eight CPU cores, making the X1 the fastest mobile processor on the planet by far. 

The Tegra X1 is built upon the fast and energy-efficient Maxwell architecture which means more power with less battery consumption. Huang then discussed how the X1 was capable of supporting 4K video at 60Hz and that it was the first mobile processor to surpass 1 teraflop of throughput. But perhaps the most impressive part of this showcase was the live demo. Said live demo consisted of the Tegra X1 running Unreal Engine 4, the same game engine that pushes even high-end PC’s and consoles to their limits. 

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