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NVIDIA Announces Drive CX – Powered By Tegra X1

NVIDIA Announces Drive CX – Powered By Tegra X1

Tonight at NVIDIA’s press event, one of the first of CES, the company announced a new platform for automobiles called Drive CX. The advanced digital cockpit is powered by their new Tegra X1 “superchip”. NVIDIA says it’s the most advanced driving platform in the world and they’re certainly not wrong.

NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang calls it the future of driving. That includes digital dashboards, high resolution side mirros, curved displays, and much more. The software inside is especially impressive.

The runtime is a rendering engine called “Studio” supports several platforms including Android and Linux, and controls your extremely awesome looking digital dashboard along with all the entertainment and information needs you’ll have.

In the demos for the Drive CX, NVIDIA showed off highly detailed maps and dashboards with rich shading effects and stunning visuals. One cool feature they showed off was that the dashboard could change it’s appearance based on real life objects based on the driver’s preferance. They showed off materials such as carbon fiber, bamboo, and more. Each material was shown in very high detail and even reacted to movement and lighting changes.

Obviously NVIDIA has big plans for their future in not only your computers, phones, and tablets, but also in your car. Stay tuned for more from NVIDIA at CES 2015 and even more coverage from the conference!

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