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Dell Keyboard For Chrome OS – Is It Worth Buying?

Dell Keyboard For Chrome OS – Is It Worth Buying?

Recently I expanded my use of Chrome OS with the ASUS Chromebox. The inexpensive desktop box gives me Chrome OS on my monitor for a dedicated machine. Personally I use it for writing articles and surfing the web at home. When I was looking into getting it, I knew it would be less expensive for me to get the Chromebox on its own and just get a good keyboard to the side, so I decided to go that route. However, finding a reasonably priced keyboard with a Chrome OS layout is a pretty tough task. I found myself between spending an absurd amount of money for a sub-par keyboard, or settling for a Windows keyboard. Then, I heard that Dell had released a dedicated Chrome keyboard. Instantly I went and picked it up. These are my thoughts on the keyboard after a couple weeks use.

Now to get it out of the way, I’m not a keyboard connoisseur or anything like that. I’m simply a Chrome fan looking for something I like. This Dell keyboard certainly does that. For $20 it gives a pretty sturdy build and is pretty nice to type on. It definitely won’t compare to an expensive, professional keyboard, but it’s not meant to.

Size wise this keyboard is pretty small. It does have a dedicated number pad included which is great. The keys themselves are well spaced and easy to type on, especially if you’re used to typing on a Chromebook keyboard. Physical feedback is also really nice. The keys are loud, but you can definitely feel that you’ve pressed them.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this keyboard. I do wish that Dell offered a wireless version, but I can’t get everything I want. This keyboard runs $20 direct from Dell and it’s something I can easily recommend to any Chromebox owner. It’s certainly worth picking up if you want the dedicated Chrome layout.

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