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Trials Evolution set into motion the ability to create custom levels and game modes using the Level Editor, and with it a massive amount of replayability. On top of that, Evolution also had DLC to expand the level count even further. Trials Fusion is poised to do the same, but RedLynx is looking to do even more.

Trials Fusion co-founder and creative director Antti Ilvessuo explained to Digital Spy that the game will be inspired by the “Minecraft model” of content updates on top of the previously announced Season Pass.

“In Fusion we decided to be innovative and ambitious in game features and game design, as well as on the business side. We are bringing free feature updates and content for a long time. We have already planned out the first year and have an ambitious plan for the long term; we are really borrowing a bit from the Minecraft model, in which the game is continuously expanded with free feature updates.”

From what Ilvessuo describes, it appears that Fusion will be providing an enhanced version of Evolution’s Track Central features, with new content available every week or potentially every day. This plan will also include the six announced content packs available in the Season Pass that will “expand and grow” the game.

The Trials Fusion Deluxe Version includes the Season Pass and is available for $40 today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, with the PC version coming April 24th. If you pre-purchase the PC version, you get access to the closed beta up until the release of the game. If you would like to just get a hold of the core game, it can be downloaded on all platforms for $20.