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If you’re an LG G3 owner like myself, you’ve probably been missing the custom recovery functionality you had on other devices. Well it seems someone finally figured out how to bring it to the G3. While it’s been possible on some variants a little while, this new method brings it to all variants of the phone.

“Bump” is a new app developed by Team Codefire that is designed to give you a TWRP custom recovery for your G3 to allow for making backup, flashing ZIPs, and of course embracing the crack flasher inside your self. This app does work on all variants of the LG G3 as long as you’re rooted and feel comfortable doing just a little adb (only for certain variants).

You should be able to flash any ROM you please so long as it “Bump’d”. The developers do assure that most ROMs are “pre-bump’d”.

Source: XDA

Via: Droid Life