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Netflix Crushes Our Dreams – “Offline Viewing Is Never Going To Happen”

Netflix Crushes Our Dreams – “Offline Viewing Is Never Going To Happen”

Services like Netflix, Hulu, and many others have become insanely popular around the world in the past few years and they all continue to grow faster and faster. Many like BBC’s iPlayer have gained an option that allows users to watch download content ahead of time and view it later without an internet connection. Netflix unfortunately has not.

Even though many users practically beg for the functionality, it’s still not here. After a recent statement from Cliff Edwards, Netflix’s director of corporate communications and technology, it seems that the functionality won’t ever be coming. He stated to TechRadar that “It’s never going to happen”. 

According to Edwards Netflix isn’t pursuing offline viewing as it is a “short term fix for a bigger problem”. What is that bigger problem? Wi-Fi access. They believe that in 5 years, offline viewing won’t even be a concern as mobile internet access will be far more prevalent, especially on transport. What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you rather Netflix just present the option, or are you fine without it? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TechRadar

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