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OnePlus Teases December 17th Announcement – One Mini Leaks

OnePlus Teases December 17th Announcement – One Mini Leaks

The OnePlus One is arguably one of the runaway successes in the smartphone market for 2014, or at least it would have been if people had been able to buy it. For those who have been able to snag invites and get their hands on this beast, the OnePlus One has been an amazing value for the money. However now the company is teasing something new for tomorrow.

One thing that the announcement might hold is a look at the OnePlus One Mini (as if the first one wasn’t enough of a mouthful). The image seen above is a leak of what might be our first unofficial look at that phone with it’s smaller 5-inch display, Snapdragon 615, and 8MP cameras. While that seems like it could be entirely true, based on how OnePlus is advertising this announcement, a new phone seems unlikely.

What seems most likely is that OnePlus will be releasing a new battery accessory. This conclusion is drawn from the caption on the invitation which reads, “Need a reason to be excited for tomorrow? We’ve got 10,000”. Now at first that might sound like they are opening up more invites, but the “Go Further” title and four blue lights suggest either an official battery case or an external battery pack. 

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