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Nokia Lumia 830 Review – A New Definition To “Budget Phone”

Nokia Lumia 830 Review – A New Definition To “Budget Phone”

The latest in Windows Phones are really something special. Nokia seems to have design and concept when it comes to making phones down pretty well. That being said, the only thing holding Windows Phones back is developer support. So keep in mind during the review of the Nokia Lumia 830, I’ll address most everything on this phone with as much accuracy as I can even though most of the apps I use daily are non-existent on Windows Phones. (I’m looking at you, Google.)


The Nokia Lumia 830 sports a very pretty design with a metal chassis covering the edges of the phone. It has a plastic back that has a pretty good feel to it as well. The camera in the back protrudes out a bit, but not in an uncomfortable way. Button layout is nice and comfortable and adds the dedicated camera button for when you just want to take a quick picture of something. Physical buttons aren’t really my thing but I don’t mind them on this phone.

Build Quality

Right off the bat, when i picked up the Lumia 830 I was impressed by the sturdy feel of the phone. It feels like it could take a hit and be alright. The 830 has a nice weight to it, which I love in a phone. If a phone has a good weight to it, then I’ll always enjoy holding the phone.

Software Fluidity

The Lumia 830 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset so speeds aren’t going to be the best. But the thing about this phone is that even though it is a budget phone, it doesn’t feel like one when you pick it up and use it.


The camera quality is beautiful on this phone. It rocks a 10 MP camera and does not disappoint for the price. One of the main features of the phone is that low light pictures come out great. Even it the room is crazily dark, the Lumia 830 will still manage to light it up at least a bit with no flash. Resolution is decent when zooming in on a photo. Colors pop really nicely, too, making the pictures usually come out really well.


On a 2-year contract with AT&T, you are looking at about $99.00. Which isn’t a bad price if you are looking for something decent with a few good pros to the name. But keep in mind that it’s still a Windows Phone. Which means that things are still developing for the great apps you love like Instagram or YouTube. But if you aware of that and don’t blindly buy a windows phone without knowing that, you should be fine.


Screen performance is pretty good for only being 720p. Colors are bright and nicely displayed. Touch responsiveness is great and i haven’t had any problems with it so far. The screen is a little too tall for my tastes. I like to have a screen that is an average height but has a wider body. The screen size is a 5.0” screen, decently large enough. Everything fits nicely on the screen and everything looks exceptional.

Battery Life

Running with a 2,200 mAh battery, life on this per charge is only going to be average. But it will get you through the day. Whether you like to web browse or take great pictures, usually you will be fine on a full charge.


The speaker is loud and clear with good quality, but lacks any bass. It’s also a back-facing speaker, covering up the bottom of the phone, making watching media through the speakers not the best thing about this phone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed using this phone even though (like I said) many of the apps I use on a day-to-day basis are basically non-existent in the Windows Store world. but other than that, the Nokia Lumia 830 feels sturdy in build and smooth in software performance. This is perfect for someone who isn’t into mobile gaming, but more into the photography aspect of things.

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