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Dell Introduces $20 Chrome OS USB Keyboard

Dell Introduces $20 Chrome OS USB Keyboard

Chrome OS becomes more popular all the time and many of us use them for more and more tasks. The operating system is a hit on laptops, and it’s slowly growing on the desktop as well. In that form factor we have what is known as a Chromebox. Similar in appearance to a Mac Mini, these devices are low-cost desktop computers designed for productivity. While some are sold with bundles, many are sold on their own without a keyboard or a mouse. While you could easily use a standard USB or Bluetooth keyboard, it feels strange as many of the buttons we use in Chrome everyday are just not there. Few manufacturers sell dedicated Chrome keyboards without the Chromebox as well, but Dell has just changed that.

The company has introduced a new dedicated Chrome keyboard in the United States. The keyboard is a simple USB option so you’ll definitely be dealing with cords. The keys are of the chiclet style, similar to the Chromebooks we know and love. For $20 this isn’t a great deal, but seeing as it’s really the only decent option that doesn’t require the purchase of a Chromebox, this is a pretty decent price and is probably worth picking up.

Source: Dell

Via: OMGChrome

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