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Street Fighter V Announced, Will Be Exclusive To PS4 And PC

Street Fighter V Announced, Will Be Exclusive To PS4 And PC

Street Fighter has been one of Capcom’s most successful franchises in recent history. It and Monster Hunter could be considered the primary reasons that the company is still afloat. Even though Ultra Street FIghter IV just released this summer, a next entry in the series has still been up in the air and far in the future for the past year largely due to budget constraints. Now that has changed, and in a rather big way.

A teaser trailer leaked earlier last week, but it has been confirmed via the PlayStation Experience last weekend that Street Fighter V is coming much sooner than previously anticipated. Not only is it coming, but it will also be a permanently exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to go on besides some gameplay trailers and some playable demo footage at Capcom Cup 2014. From that footage, however, we can see some subtle hints.

For one thing, many things about Ryu, from his clothing to his voice to his attacks hint that Street Fighter V will be the successor to Street Fighter Third Strike. Some new systems will also be coming, like breakable walls and things like body bouncing from Street Fighter X Tekken. Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha series has also been teased as a playable character at the Capcom Cup.

One of the biggest facts about the upcoming Street Fighter is that it will be the first Street FIghter to support cross-play between PS4 and PC. This is huge for those of us who are perfectly content with their PC (for now) and want to play with their PS4 friends. In addition, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be getting a PS4 port, but will not support cross-play.

All in all, this is pretty exciting news for Street FIghter fans. And on Sony’s end, it will give them good traction to compete with Microsoft’s Killer Instinct. While it may seem unfair to Xbox One fans that won’t be getting Street Fighter V for their consoles, evidence seems to be pointing in the direction that Sony is helping to fund this project, similar to that Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2. While it may not be as extreme, it’s likely that this game would be a long ways off without Sony’s help. In the end, it will be interesting to see how much this benefits from its exclusivity.

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