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[DEAL ALERT] Amazon Has 2nd Gen Moto G And 2013 LTE Moto G For $30 Off Today

[DEAL ALERT] Amazon Has 2nd Gen Moto G And 2013 LTE Moto G For $30 Off Today
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If you’re in the market for a cheap, but good smartphone, the Moto G has probably landed high on your list of options. It’s one of the best phones you can get in it’s category and for how it performs you would never know it was under $200. Even then however, the $179 starting price can still be a bit daunting for some, so today, it’s even cheaper.

Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day today is on this year’s Moto G in both it’s white and black, 8 and 16GB variants. The deal cuts $30, about 17%, off the phone’s price. For the base 8GB model that brings the price down to just $149. It does apply to both the Global and US versions of the phone. In case you forgot, the 2014 Moto G packs a 5″ inch, 720p display with a Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 processor, a single GB of RAM, an 8MP camera and front facing speakers.

The only unfortunate part about the Moto G is it’s lack of LTE connectivity. However last year’s Moto G came out with a second variant which did include LTE on board for a slightly higher $219 price tag. Today though Amazon also has that model on sale for $189, a $30 savings. This is the 16GB model in white or black with 16GB of storage. It’s running nearly the same specifications as the new Moto G with the same processor and still a single GB of RAM, but has a smaller 4.5″ inch display and a 5MP camera.

Both of these phones are solid buys for anyone in the budget Android market, and today is a great day to pick them up. Hit up the links below grab them from Amazon.

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