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YouTube App For Android Gets Material Design – APK Download

YouTube App For Android Gets Material Design – APK Download

Google is updating all their apps to the new Material Design guidelines, and one that we’ve all been waiting for it the official YouTube app. Tonight it’s finally here with some nice changes, a great visual overhaul, and a couple new features.

First off we get an update to the “What To Watch” page and the menu that both keep the same functionality, but look far better than before. Everything has a bright coat of red paint on top which looks great in my opinion. 

Aside from that channels have gotten a makeover all with their own custom colors in the status bar and on the header. Below are a few examples. While I can’t be 100% certain, it see that the app is pulling the most prevalent (or brightest) color, aside from black or white, for this option. 

Otherwise the subscriptions list now has circular icons, something we’ve seen in several other recent Google app updates. When watching videos things are also now completely flat with small breaks in between sections. 

The last major change is filtering in search results, a long awaited feature for many users. You can still filter via channels and playlists, but now the video’s length, quality, and more can filter your search to make it just that much easier to find what you are looking for.

Now for the fun part, getting it for yourself! APKMirror is currently hosting the APK download of this new update. The update should be rolling out through the Play Store soon, but why wait? Get your sideload on and install this APK now by hitting the source link below. Also be sure to let us know if you notice anything else new down in the comments.

Source: APKMirror

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