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More Chromecasts Were Sold In 2014 Than Apple TVs

More Chromecasts Were Sold In 2014 Than Apple TVs

Google’s Chromecast hit primetime this year when it hit other countries and when it got more apps. Obviously the idea of a $35 streaming device sat well with consumers as during just the first 9 months of the year the Chromecast took up 20% of all streaming device sales.

The Chromecast wasn’t on top though. Roku holds that seat with a bit over 25% of the market. Amazon’s Fire TV also 10% of the market. It is notable though that this is the first time anyone other than Roku has overtaken the Apple TV. It’s no secret what is driving this growth, the price. At $35 the Chromecast is a great deal, and with holiday deals bringing the device down below even $20, this is almost an impulse buy for many people.

Whether or not the Chromecast will ever overtake the Roku, we’re not sure. What are your thoughts? Are you glad to hear this news? Let us know in the comments. 

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Source: Parks Associates

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