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Nexus 6 Headed To Verizon Stores December 13th?

Nexus 6 Headed To Verizon Stores December 13th?

The Nexus 6 is coming to what seems like ever carrier under the sun here in the US, and one that we’re wary of, Verizon, is even getting their hands on it. With AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile already selling the device, many Verizon customers are eager to get their hands on the latest Nexus smartphone. Now we finally have a date to look forward to, Saturday December 13th.

This date isn’t set in stone, but simply a rumor formed by a Redditor. The Redditor claims he has spoken with a number of Verizon employees who have pointed to December 13th as the release. Previous releases don’t exactly back this up, but who knows, Verizon might change things up. If you don’t mind taking the off-contract route, the Nexus 6 as sold through Google Play is compatible with Verizon’s bands.

Via: AndroidSPIN

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