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Smartwatches: Everyday Wearable, or Niche Product?

Smartwatches: Everyday Wearable, or Niche Product?

Smartwatches and wearables are all the craze right now and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. With all the major companies coming out with their own iteration of the “perfect wearable” we are starting to see it become widely accepted by consumers, but who’s really buying these products? Is it just the hardcore techies who can find utility from a smartwatch or has it truly expanded enough that the average Joe can find value in it. A day doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t see my wrist and give me the standard “Cool watch” compliment, quickly followed by “what is it?”or “what’s it do?” Yes, smart watches look cool but lots of people still don’t quite understand what they do and if it is right for them. No smart watch out there is perfect but the line of android wear watches do seem to be the best option at the moment. I’ve personally been using the LG G Watch for a few weeks now and can definitely say that it is more than simply a “cool new gadget.” It has everyday utility that everyone who decides to dive into the smartwatch world will be able to appreciate.


The customization options with android wear powered watches are incredible. There are hundreds of unique watch faces available for download on the play store that can change your watch into a completely different watch. Go from a basic digital face to an extremely sleek and sexy Rolex inspired face in seconds. Can’t find something you like on the play store? No problem! There are a few watch face creation apps on the play store which allow creative users to make a completely custom watch face from scratch. This is where customization really gets taken to the next level. With dozens of forums dedicated to watch faces you can find something that works for you for just about any occasion. Are you like me and are excited about the recent Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby releases? Well then you can download a Pokémon inspired watch face like the one I’ve been using. This level of customization turns that 1 watch into hundreds of unique watches with just the tap of a finger.

Phone Integration

While customization is awesome, the real magic of android wear devices is in the phone integration. Being able to get all of your notifications on your wrist might seem like a small accomplishment in theory but in practice it is quite useful. There are plenty of times in our daily lives where we just are not able to check our phones to read the latest tweet, or read that comment we just got on Google+ but with these watches its as easy as just looking at your wrist. Now don’t get me wrong, before smart watches I wasn’t dying for a way to check my phone without taking it out of my pocket but now that the option has presented itself I must say it is a very welcomed feature. For those people who can get past the fact that they look like a power ranger communicating via their watch to Zordon can also use the mic found on android wear watches to utilize several voice capabilities. By uttering the now infamous “ok Google” hot phrase the watch comes to life and awaits its command and I gotta say the voice recognition works great. Voice recognition is leaps and bounds above my expectations and I actually find myself using it quite frequently because of the sheer convenience. By simply saying “ok Google, remind me to pay my cell phone bill when I get home” I get a quick acknowledgment from my watch that it was understood correctly followed by the reminder saved to my phone waiting for the right time to come back and remind me. Its quick, its easy, and it just works.

Although I personally love my LG G Watch and love what Android Wear brings to the table I don’t think they are an every person device just yet. Not everyone wants to dish out the $200+ price tag to get a companion device for their phone. But for people looking for a cool everyday watch then Android Wear is a solid decision. With the elegance and beauty of a high end watch and the technological conveniences that it brings to the table it is more than capable of being an everyday wearable. So dive in head first and engulf yourself in the world of smart watches and you’ll quickly begin asking yourself, how did I ever live without one of these.

Profile PictureValter Santos Valter is an Editorial writer here at iTechTriad who is a huge fan of Android with opinions on it and the rest of the latest and greatest technology. You can catch him on Google+, or watching a Clevand Cavaliers basketball game.
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Valter Santos

Valter is an Editorial writer here at iTechTriad who is a huge fan of Android with opinions on it and the rest of the latest and greatest technology. You can catch him on Google+, or watching a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game.