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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet To Come With Free Controller & Games On Black Friday

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet To Come With Free Controller & Games On Black Friday

If you’ve been wanting pick up a new tablet, two of the best choices right now in the Android space are the Nexus 9 and the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. Both are great devices, and it’s tough to choose between them. However NVIDIA is hoping you’ll lean their way with their latest deal.

On Black Friday you’ll be able to pick up the LTE equipped SHIELD tablet for $399. That’s the normal retail price, but to sweeten the deal the company is throwing in some extras. To start, they are adding the controller which normally sells for $59 separately. To make things even better, you’ll get the Green Box bundle which includes games like Portal, Half Life 2, and  Half Life 2: Episode One. That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me. 

The original SHIELD Portable will also come in at $199 but include a handful of accessories for free. This deal applies on Black Friday only so you’ll need to act quick in order to get it. As far as we know the deal is only available on NVIDIA’s website. The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet is definitely an amazing option for an Android tablet and it even has Lollipop already. Will you pick it up?

Via: Cult Of Android

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