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Nexus 6 On AT&T Pictured With Logo And Branded Boot Screen

Nexus 6 On AT&T Pictured With Logo And Branded Boot Screen

Not too long ago it was noticed that the Nexus 6 sold at AT&T might just have an extra AT&T logo down at the bottom of the device. The following day I was able to confirm that this would be the case, but now things are worst.

ia an image posted on XDA we have now seen this in real life. It’s certainly not that noticeable, but it’s there, and personally I’m a bit annoyed by this as I’m sure many of you are as well. But on top of this, AT&T has added something even more. When booting up the phone you’ll get AT&T’s personal boot animation and yes, even the jingle. Another user also confirmed that his unit began downloading AT&T’s bloatware from the Play Store upon boot.

The good news however is that the phone will still get updates directly from Google and AT&T has made no modifications to the software. So what are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know!
Via: Android Police

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