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AT&T To Squeeze Their Logo On The Back Of The Nexus 6? – UPDATE: Confirmed, This Is Happening

AT&T To Squeeze Their Logo On The Back Of The Nexus 6? – UPDATE: Confirmed, This Is Happening

UpdateThis has now been confirmed by AT&T. Nexus 6 units sold through AT&T will in fact include the AT&T logo on the device. AT&T has also confirmed with us that updates will still be provided directly through Google.

After a long wait Google unveiled the Nexus 6 and now it’s finally hitting the pre-order stage. As rough as it’s been, there are plenty of ways to get the phone. No longer just in Google Play, the Nexus 6 can be found at Motorola and just about any carrier you might be using. AT&T is among that list and plenty of customers are happy about that. Unfortunately though, they’ve done something we were all hoping wouldn’t, they added a logo.

Like in the past with carrier Nexus phones (yes I’m looking at you Galaxy Nexus…) it seems AT&T is “making the phone their own” by adding their logo to the bottom. As big as the Nexus 6 is, you would think there would be plenty of space for that, but there really isn’t. The phone already packs a camera on the top, a Motorola dimple in the middle, and a giant Nexus logo in the center bottom. However that didn’t stop AT&T from throwing their own logo on the bottom.

Now let’s take a step back. So far we haven’t seen any concrete evidence on this being true but it is worth noting that the product page on AT&T’s website does only show the device from the front. Because that’s not at all suspicious. Could they be trying to keep this under wraps, or is the Nexus fanboy in me coming back out? We don’t know yet. This could after all simply be a designer having a bit too much fun. We’ve reached out to our AT&T contact regarding this and will update this post with any response. What are your thoughts on this?

Via: Android Police

Source: AT&T 

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