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Two New Cases For The Nexus 6 Pop Up In Google Play

Two New Cases For The Nexus 6 Pop Up In Google Play

If you’re hoping to be the proud new owner of a Nexus 6, you might want to have a case to protect it. Luckily Google wants to have you covered (that was the worst pun ever) in that area. Today the company released two new Nexus 6 cases into the Google Play store designed for the Nexus 6. The first is a folio flip case which can hold credit cards and can even be used to prop the device up on a tablet. This case runs for $40 even and is marked as coming soon.

The second case is the “Naked Tough Case” which is basically a hard shell case with an integrated bumper and kickstand. The case is completely transparent to allow the devices natural beauty to shine through. This case runs $35 and is also coming soon.

Do either of these cases appeal to you? Let us know in the comments!

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