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The Moto Maxx Is Official As The DROID Turbo For Brazil And Mexico

The Moto Maxx Is Official As The DROID Turbo For Brazil And Mexico

Motorola’s collaboration with Verizon this year brought us the DROID Turbo. This super powered smartphone packed nearly every specification we wanted to see, but was an exclusive to Verizon’s network. However Motorola isn’t keeping it that way for long. Today the company has announced the Moto Maxx, the DROID Turbo minus Verizon’s grip.

The Moto Maxx brings the same design and specifications as the DROID Turbo just without all the Verizon branding and software. In case you need a reminder, the Moto Maxx has a 5.2″ inch Quad-HD display along with a Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. Around back is a 21MP camera and this is all powered by a massive 3,900 mAh battery.

This is seemingly what many users wanted, but of course there’s a catch. The Moto Maxx will only be coming to Brazil and Mexico at first and in some Latin American countries later on. The handset will be available in Brazil starting this Saturday and Mexico later this month. There’s no mention of when other countries or regions will see it however.

Source: Motorola

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