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YouTube Rolls Out 60FPS Video Support, Currently Works With Chrome

YouTube Rolls Out 60FPS Video Support, Currently Works With Chrome

If there’s one thing that could summarize my appreciation of finally getting into the PC space, it would be 60 frames-per-second gameplay. I used to not notice the difference, but now I have a hard time going back to 30fps in some cases, like trying and not enjoying playing the Destiny Beta. I’ve enjoyed 60fps streaming via Twitch for a variety of games, and now I will enjoy it even more so on demand.

YouTube started rolling out 60fps video quality support yesterday. Right now, it only works using Chrome, with support fr other browsers likely to come soon. It appears that if your Internet connection can run 720p or 1080p YouTube videos, it should work just fine with the extra frames.

In my experience on my 12Mbps wireless connection, videos take a little bit to smooth out, but once they do it looks fantastic. Beware if your connection has a data cap, as 60fps videos will literally use twice as much data as 30fps. If you want to give it a shot, here’s a sample Mario Kart 8 time trial video.

There’s really only one application that having a 60fps option can have, and that’s for video game footage. Hopefully, this will help those that don’t quite understand how much a difference it makes for certain game to run at this framerate. It’ll also be cool for those of us who have been longing to see some higher quality footage from our favorite Let’s Players.

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