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Samsung’s Gear S Is Heading To A Few Carriers In Early November

Samsung’s Gear S Is Heading To A Few Carriers In Early November

Remember the Gear S? Well if not, it’s a Smartwatch made by Samsung that looks like a shrunken down version of a phone, but is slightly curved. It is actually one of the more interesting Smartwatches that we have ever come across, and while Samsung hasn’t really wowed us in the past in terms of Smartwatches, the Gear S does have one feature that makes it really compelling; and that is 3G-compatibility.

Now that we have caught up to speed with the Gear S, it will actually be arriving to a few wireless carriers next month in November. T-Mobile sent out a press release this morning stating that the Gear S will be available starting on November 9th, for $0 down and $14.58 for 24 months. AT&T will also start carrying the Gear S, but a tad early, on November 7th and will cost $199 with a 2 year agreement. Verizon, Sprint, and even Best Buy are expected to be carrying the Gear S as well.

In terms of specs we are looking at a 2-inch Super AMOLED display, 4GB of storage, a 300mAh battery, and a 1.0GHz dual core processor. But perhaps the best part of the Gear S is that it is cellular-capable, meaning; you can make calls, and even send texts on the Gear S. For those who hate carrying their Smartphone every waking moment, you might want to consider getting the Gear S. 


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