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LG Reveals Their Thinnest Bezels Yet – You Can’t Get Much Thinner

LG Reveals Their Thinnest Bezels Yet – You Can’t Get Much Thinner
Via: AndroidCentral

Via: AndroidCentral

LG isn’t a new face when it comes to making things that push through innovative barriers. Especially when it comes to making pretty small bezels. Their new announcement leaves us with no room to complain and even less room for a bezel. If you can recall their previous record was a bezel that came in at 2.2mm thick. Seems small, right? Well wait until you find out the new record.

LG has upped (or downed) the ante to a bezel coming in at 0.7mm (thinner than a common credit card which is 0.8mm thick). The display that it comes with is 5.2-inches, a decent size. How did they accomplish such a thing? They said that they used two specific technologies:

Neo Edge Module Processing

This technology uses an adhesive instead of the usual double-sided tape that is common among devices. This leaves no need for a plastic guide to attach panels with the backlight units. The adhesive is also more durable and more dust and water resistant. Interestingly enough, light is also held in better, leaving you with a brighter more beautiful display.

Advanced In-Cell Touch Technology (AIT)

Since the touch panel is embedded into the LCD display, there is more room for the screen to stretch itself as far as possible. Another plus side for using this tech is that there isn’t a need to accompany it with another touch technology making it less expensive for LG.

LG says that they will begin producing this in November. Since the demand for larger screens is high in China, they will be the first to receive this hardware.


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