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TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger Review – This Is What Wireless Charging Should Have Always Been

TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger Review – This Is What Wireless Charging Should Have Always Been

In the past few years our smartphones have gotten better and better with more and more new features. One of my personal favorite features being added to some smartphones is wireless charging. While it sounds like a first world problem, charging cords are just annoying. When you deal with 3 or 4 every night, it’s all the more annoying. While our batteries still aren’t getting us past a day (give or take) off that cord, wireless charging takes the burden off just a bit. You won’t know how good wireless charging is until you actually try it. To give myself another go at wireless charging, I got my hands on a new wireless charger, the TYLT Vu.

This wireless charger is unlike many other for two primary reasons, it’s design on the outside, and it’s design on the inside. First, let’s talk about the outside. Unlike many other wireless charging options, the TYLT Vu is designed with you in mind. Most wireless chargers sit flat on a surface which gets the job done, but for the most part means you can’t still look at your phone, nonetheless use it for that matter. The Vu solves this by sitting at an angle on a surface propping the phone up at just the right angle so you can easily see the display and even use the phone if you choose. This scores huge in my book. Previous Qi chargers I’ve used simply sit flat and, again with the first world problems, it’s just annoying. If I get a call that I want to use on speaker, I usually have to take the phone off the charger which interrupts the charge. With the Vu it’s just a matter of looking and a few taps on the screen. Overall this design simply makes sense. Oh, and did I mention it’s just drop dead gorgeous?

I mentioned earlier about the design on the inside. So why does that matter? Well it’s not for looks. Instead its the functionality of the design on the inside that matters. As mentioned this charger is designed with you in mind, and I think we can all agree that the more simple something is, the more we enjoy it. To make the experience of wireless charging even better than it already is, the TYLT Vu uses a three-coil system to allow you to place your device basically anywhere on the charging pad and still get a reliable charge. This is great if you own a larger than average phone or a tablet as their Qi receivers may be at a different position on the pad when compared to an average phone. This system also means you can set the device down in any orientation and still get a charge. This is quite simply how a wireless charger should work. You should be able to place your device anywhere on the pad and still get a charge instead of relying on only a single spot.

Pros Cons
– Appearance – Price
– Reliability – Proprietary wall adapter
– Quick charging speed – Doesn’t beep when charging starts
– LED to indicate charging
– Variety of color options

This is what wireless charging should be like

Overall I truly have nothing bad at all to say about the TYLT Vu. The only negative point I can possibly find, that actually matters, about this product is it’s price tag. At $69.99 it’s definitely one of the more pricey wireless chargers, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. This is a great product that I expect to last a long time and get it’s worth. If wireless charging is something you’re into, this is a definite buy. We don’t usually give ratings to accessories here, but if I were to give this product a rating, it would be a perfect 10/10.

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