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New Moto 360 Options Pop Up On Amazon For Pre-Order – Bring On The Metal (And “Champagne”)

New Moto 360 Options Pop Up On Amazon For Pre-Order – Bring On The Metal (And “Champagne”)

As if we didn’t have enough new wearable news tonight, Amazon has just posted some new listing for Moto 360 options. We’ve heard in the past about other option, but have seen none as of yet. Tonight though we get a look at the new metal options for the 360 including a new “Champagne” option (because gold) along with a new “Cognac” brown leather option.

First let’s get leather out of the way. A new brown leather version of the 360 is listed as the “Cognac” version. This version comes in at the same $249 price point we’re already used to along with silver stainless steel. This band is also made with genuine “Horween” leather as seen on the current options. 

Now to the exciting part. Bring on the metal! Motorola announced metal bands when the 360 was first announced, but have yet to put them on sale. Many users are waiting for these to come out to get their hands on this watch. Now we know that three options will be available. Black, Natural (silver brushed steel), and Champagne. All three options use the same style band, just in different colors. On an interesting note the Champagne model is available with a small 18mm band that I would have to guess is an option for those who want a smaller watch band. All of the metal options cost an addition $50 over leather models bringing the price up to $299.

If you already have a 360 and simply want a new band, Amazon also has those available for $79 a piece in either Black or Silver.

It’s worth noting that none of these items ship for at least another month. All are eligible for Amazon Prime and orders can be placed now. That simply makes me think someone jumped the gun on these listings. Either way, check out the list below for all of these items.

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