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OnePlus to Allow Preorders for the OnePlus One On Nov. 17th

OnePlus to Allow Preorders for the OnePlus One On Nov. 17th

Yesterday the company OnePlus finally launched a pre-order page for the OnePlus One, and despite many preparations for the epic date, the internet just couldn’t hold the massive wall of fans trying to get their hands on the “flagship killer” Smartphone. OnePlus even acknowledged in a blog post saying, “Despite a dedicated hardware platform set up for the event, our servers still had difficulty with the surge of traffic received when the pre-orders opened”.

So while OnePlus said that “tens of thousands” of OnePlus One units are being shipped out to users, there is still a vast majority that were unsuccessful in getting one. Thankfully OnePlus will open another pre-order window on Monday, November 17th at 15:00 GMT (7:00 a.m. PST) which gives OnePlus a few extra weeks to provide a better user experience this time around. OnePlus assures, “We are taking steps such as enabling more servers earlier and expanding account handling servers to the cloud to create a much smoother process”.

Hopefully on November 17th users will have a much better experience and will hopefully be able to snag up some OnePlus One’s. OnePlus doesn’t disclose how long the pre-order window will be, but I’m sure it won’t be too long. For now, leave us a comment down below and tell us if you will be pre-ordering the OnePlus One on the 17th.

SOURCE: OnePlus Blog


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