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Introducing Gaming Month 2014 – Macaulay’s Top Tens of 2014

Introducing Gaming Month 2014 – Macaulay’s Top Tens of 2014

November is finally here, which means that it’s time for Gaming Month again. As a special treat for 2014, I’ll be bringing you guys some Top Ten lists. As always, these are not the absolute end-all lists for the year, but it serves as my personal Top Tens of 2014. Since many of the points I make requires elaboration, there will be spoilers present.

These lists will be in 4 categories for each week of November. The categories are;

Top Ten Original Soundtracks of 2014 / November 5th

This category is for the various composed soundtracks I’ve listened to and enjoyed throughout 2014. This does not include licensed music, only original compositions. This also may include music from older games that I heard for the first time this year. It isn’t a rule, but you can be sure that these soundtracks have made their way onto my Moto X one way or the other.

Top Ten Gaming Moments of 2014 / November 12th

This category covers various gaming moments in 2014, ranging from in-game moments to industry events. This also applies to older games I have played for the first time this year, so don’t be surprised if one or two pop up.

Top Ten Characters of 2014 / November 19th

This category takes a look at my favorite characters from various games in 2014. To avoid focusing too much on one game or the other, I’ll only be including one character per game. That way, you can be sure each character deserves their spot in representing the game. As with the previous categories, older games experienced this year are also eligible.

Top Ten Games of 2014 / November 26th

This is the big one, and I feel it is especially important to mention clearly here. This category only applies to games released in 2014 leading up to this date. These are my favorite games of 2014 and as is the case with the numerous amount of Top Ten Games of 2014 lists, you may not agree with my choices or placement. Nevertheless, feel free to share your opinions. That’s the fun part of these lists, the (civilized) discussions we can have.

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