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Thinium Charge Review – Is Ultra Thin An Exaggeration?

Thinium Charge Review – Is Ultra Thin An Exaggeration?

The Thinium Charge; an ultra thin docking wall charger. But is ultra thin an exaggeration? No. Let me tell you why.

The standard wall charger as we all know is bulky and large with prongs that mock you if you were to place it in your pocket. Now, you may not carry your charger everywhere. But you may want to do so after checking out this cool product. When they claim “Ultra Thin” on the box, they weren’t lying. Coming in at around 9mm thick, the charger is about the same height as my LG G2. Perfect for your pockets, especially on the go.

So I have been using this dock for about a half a week now and do enjoy it. Unless you like to have long cables so you can keep glued to your phone even while you revive it, then it’s a good little device to have. The only problem I would have with this is that it just feels fragile. When I stick it on the dock I feel like I’m going to break the Micro USB connector. I should also mention that it is available for Lightning connector (iPhone) and Micro USB connector. Another problem isn’t as much of a problem as it is a situation for me and a few others. I have a Mid-Tower case PC. This means that since the Thinium Charge does come with a small USB plug to insert into your computer, it makes it a bit hard to plug it into my computer and charge my phone. Of course, the small USB cable is meant to fit snug into laptops on a table-top or and flat surface.

The Charge also provides a 1 Amp quick charge to fit the needs of someone who is on the go and really needs their phone up and running fast. Another thing that is emphasized so very much is that the prongs in the back DO NOT fold back into a 90 degree angle. It’s supposed to be slightly off in order to provide a good resting angle for your device to lean on. The Charge also comes in Black and White in addition to the Gold one I have. For $49.99 I would like it to feel a little more stable, but that’s just a personal need. Versions are also available for other devices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4.

All in all, I do really enjoy using the product and if the G2’s battery was in worse condition I would consider taking it pretty much everywhere because it is that easy to carry. It’s perfect for flights and if that’s something you do often, I would suggest this product to you easily. 


  • 85mm x 55mm x 9mm

  • Input A: 110VAC – 220VAC

  • Input B: 5VDC USB port

  • Output: DC 1A/5V

**I want to make a small note apologizing for the couple pictures in the gallery of the LG G2 on the Charge. I had to suffice using an iPhone 6 camera.


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