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ZeroLemon 9,000 mAh Battery For LG G3 Review – Quad-HD For Days

ZeroLemon 9,000 mAh Battery For LG G3 Review – Quad-HD For Days

Battery life is easily one of the most important parts of any smartphone or tablet. Usually a day is what we want out of our smartphones, but some people want and need more. A nickname they are usually given is “road warriors”. These are people who are usually away from their chargers for a day or two at a time and still need to heavily use their devices. So with so many phones out there, what is the right device for people like this? Well, there aren’t many. One popular option is the Huawei Ascend Mate 2, but what if you want a flagship phone, but still want great battery life? Most flagship phones will get you a day, if you’re lucky. My phone of choice is the LG G3, so how can you get multiple days of battery on this phone? An extended battery is the way to go.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been testing a new 9,000 mAh extended battery for the LG G3. This is three times the capacity of the battery included with the LG G3, and the results are about as you would expect. This battery can easily get you multiple days on a single charge. In my testing I could get about 38 hours of use on one charge with heavy use. That included anywhere from 7 to 10 hours of screen time. On lighter usage I would get about 72 hours of usage with about 5 hours of screen time. With the stock LG battery I would get about only 15-20 hours of use with about 3 hours of screen time. Needless to say, this ZeroLemon battery made some massive improvements.

Editor’s Note: A few people have asked me to clarify that this does have NFC. Yes it does have NFC.

Installation of this battery is to be honest, a massive pain. The battery obviously doesn’t fit inside the stock battery door so a larger casing is needed. To do this, ZeroLemon includes a specially made two layer case. The first layer is a dual-section hard case that holds the battery in place. A silicon layer goes over this to keep everything in place. You’ll definitely want to set aside a few minutes to get this case on. Taking it off takes just about as long.

The sheer size of this battery is quite large. The LG G3 isn’t the thinnest phone in the world, but also not the thickest. This battery case changes that. The case easily doubles, if not nearly triples the size of the G3. If you’re like me and don’t consider the LG G3 a phablet, this case makes it feel like one. After a while you get used to the size, but for the first couple of days it’s simply shocking just how thick this case is.

The last thing I need to talk about with this battery is the set up process. Once you have installed the battery, you’ll need to get the phone “used to it”. In other words, you’ll need to break the battery in. To do that you’ll need to put the phone through at least 2 full cycles. A cycle is using the phone from 100% to 0% before charging and then charging from 0% to 100% uninterrupted. Out of the box you’ll need to drain the battery before charging it and then go through at least two full cycles. Once you have done that the battery percentage on the phone will be it’s most accurate and it will be giving you the best battery life.

Pros Cons
– Extremely long battery life
– Heavy duty case to help resist damage to device
– Increase phone’s weight and thickness
– Extensive set up process

So do I recommend this product? Well, that depends on you as the user. If you are someone who tends to forget to charge their phone or is away from the charger for extended periods of time, yes completely this is worth buying. Otherwise I can’t say the same. This battery is available on Amazon for $59.99 with free shipping. Definitely be sure to check it out.

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