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Shovel Knight Will Finally Be Heading To Consoles In Europe And Australia Next Month

Shovel Knight Will Finally Be Heading To Consoles In Europe And Australia Next Month

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Yacht Club Games was able to release their game Shovel Knight back in June for North America. Unfortunately, for other markets, the distribution has been complicated on the Wii U and 3DS. The delay is disappointing for backers from those regions, but for Europe and Australia, the end is in sight.

Through the game’s Kickstarter page, Yacht Club Games announced that Shovel Knight will be coming to Europe and Australia in November 2014 on both the Wii U and 3DS. The exact date is unknown, but is estimated to be in mid-November.

Due to Kickstarter being unable to differentiate between backers from Europe and Australia, or even what region their Wii U or 3DS is in, Yacht Club Games has put out a survey that can be filled out through the Humble Store. If you were a backer from those regions and are getting a copy for one of the two consoles, you should try to fill out the form as soon as possible.

I’m sure that Yacht Club Games feels a bit of relief from getting those releases out the door. As for Shovel Knight’s console release in Japan, the date is still unknown. As a bit of a supplement, though, the Kickstarter update also teased some of Plague Knight’s movement animations for the upcoming boss campaign content.

If you’re curious as to what I think of Shovel Knight, you can check out my review of the 3DS version here.

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