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First Round Of Hyrule Warriors DLC Hits Today Alongside Free Playable Bosses

First Round Of Hyrule Warriors DLC Hits Today Alongside Free Playable Bosses

I’ve still been enjoying my playtime with Hyrule Warriors, and the one thing I can say is that it doesn’t lack in content. Even so, many new characters, weapons, and costumes are planned for further support. The first of these roll out tomorrow, but it also comes with a little surprise.

Hyrule Warriors Update 1.3.0 launches today and will add Cia, Volga, and Wizzro as playable characters. This will come out alongside the first DLC pack titled the Master Quest Pack.

The Master Quest Pack will give you access to 5 new story episodes, a Master Quest version of the Adventure Mode map, and Guardian of Time costumes for Cia and Lana. The most interesting addition has to be Epona as a new weapon for Link.

There’s still more planned DLC to come in the future in the form of three more DLC Packs. Next month, the Twilight Princess Pack will add a new playable character, an additional weapon, an additional Adventure Map, and 2 new costumes. In January, The Majora’s Mask Pack will add 2 new playable characters, another Adventure Map, and 3 new costumes. In February, the Boss Pack will add 2 more game modes.

Each Pack will cost $7.99 individually (except for the Boss Pack at $2.99). However, if you get the Season Pass for $19.99, you also get the Dark Link costume to use immediately. If you haven’t picked up Hyrule Warriors yet and aren’t sure if you’ll like it, you can check out my review here.

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