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New Nexus Devices Make Appearances In (Awesome) New Android Ads

New Nexus Devices Make Appearances In (Awesome) New Android Ads
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GIFs because why not.

GIFs because why not.

Nexus season is among us and it feel though at any moment the new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will be upon us. Until then though, lets look at the continued leaks. This time we get a look at what seems to be Google’s new ad campaign for not the Nexus devices, but for Android itself. Inadvertently though, we get a look at both the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. If you hadn’t guessed it, the Nexus 6 is what we get a look at the in the image above even if it’s size is exaggerated, although it’s not be too much…

In another ad we see a bus full of people, many of which are holding Android devices. For instance the bus driver is wearing an Android Wear watch. One of the passengers though has something a bit more interesting, a Nexus 9, or at least what appears to be one.

In the three ads it’s obvious that Google is trying to get everyone to look at Android as a family of devices, not separate phones all running differently. It’s nice to see Google taking that step. Below you can watch all three ads individually or check them out all together (first video). What do you think of them?

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