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Introducing iTechTriad Africa

iTechTriad is growing quick and we’re glad you’ve been along with us on the ride. Today we are excited to announce something new, iTechTriad Africa! Yes you did read that right. Africa is currently the fastest growing mobile technology market in the world, but one thing is missing. Technology review companies! We are proud to be one of the first consumer technology review companies expanding into Africa.

We now have additional team members based out of Tanzania that will do everything we do here in the states but in native languages in Africa. We will start with Swahili and expand from there if all goes well. Of course this will include unboxings, news, reviews, giveaways and more! My dear friend Joshua Moshi will be the editor in chief of iTechTriad Africa and will be directly two other team members with him.

                                                       Joshua Moshi: Editor-In-Chief iTechTriad Africa

                                                       Joshua Moshi: Editor-In-Chief iTechTriad Africa

For more details on when iTechTriad Africa goes live please be sure to follow him. We have also linked all of the social networks for iTechTriad Africa below. Of course the main goal is to help even more people in assisting them to make better decisions on their next big purchases and bring them the latest news in their own language.

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