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Audax Icon Pack Review

Audax Icon Pack Review

You can always come to appreciate a good app when you see one. This icon pack app definitely makes it in that list. You can tell that the developers have put a lot of work into this icon pack. A lot of work.

When we set out to create our first circular icon pack, we knew a standout visual presentation was needed.

The main focus was to create an icon pack with the theme being circular icons. But it isn’t like many other icon packs where everything is a single format commonly placed inside a circle hoping to look good. You can see each icon pack was individually worked on to perfection. Can you tell I really like this pack? Icons surpass 2,000+ and beautifully designed wallpapers are included from cloud storage.

I have not found one app that isn’t its own icon. With that being said I do really think this icon pack is worth getting at only $1.99. You can go ahead and check it out with the link below.


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