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Samsung Galaxy Tab S Simple Cover Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Simple Cover Review

Cases have been practically the same for a very long time. They all go on the same way and do the same thing. With Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S however, the company added a couple tricks into the tablet to make their cover a little different. To keep it basic, they added a unique way to attach the cover to the tablet. Instead of simply wrapping around the bezels of the device, you get two connectors on the back of the device that you can attach the cover to.

There are two versions of this case. The one I have on hand is the “Simple Cover”. Basically this cover simply protects the screen on the device. Installation is fairly simply. All you need to do is align the plastic “knobs” on the case with the two connectors on the device and push them together until you hear a snap. While it might be a little scary to on the first time, it’s not going to damage the device at all. Taking it off is just about as scary as well as you hear the same snap again.

Overall though, it’s a really nice cover. It compliments the tablet well and doesn’t take away from it’s thin profile. It feels very premium and is very reliable with its screen off/on gesture. I do recommend checking it out if you decide to pick up the Galaxy Tab S. You can read our full review of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 here (coming this week) and pick up the cover itself here. Pricing on the cover is $39.99 and comes in Glam Red, Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Titanium Bronze, and Electric Blue.

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