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Wii U Firmware 5.2.0 Update Available, Adds Folder Support

Wii U Firmware 5.2.0 Update Available, Adds Folder Support

The Wii U has had a pretty good amount of update support, adding many features that enhances usability. Now, one of the best features of the Nintendo 3DS, the Folder system, is making its way to the Wii U in the latest system update.

Wii U Firmware 5.2.0 is now available to download on both Wii U Basic and Wii U Deluxe consoles and brings quite a few enhancements alongside the Folder system. As for what Folders do, you can sort your games and apps into named Folders for better organization. I personally have my eShop titles, apps, and GBA Virtual Console titles into named folders in order to be nice and tidy.

Some other enhancements worth mentioning are;

  • Download Management icon added to the Wii U Menu.

  • Power Settings now has options to hide certain software from the Quick Start Menu.

  • Updated HOME Menu design and layout.

  • Unused character for eShop card codes are now disabled when entering a code (O, I, Z, etc.)

I know that many Wii U owners having been asking for a Folder system for a while. For those who’ve been building up their library and running out of space, this is the perfect fix. The other features are more than welcome as well, and it all makes for a better Wii U.

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