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Sony Bringing Stock Android ROMs To Their Major Flagships?

Sony Bringing Stock Android ROMs To Their Major Flagships?
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Sony has been good in the past with devloper support giving them access to their kernel source, binaries, and even unlocking bootloaders. The company looks like it may be bringing that support to a new level soon however as they are looking to bring stock Android ROMs to some of their major devices.

Alin Jerpelea, part of CyanogenMod’s FreeXperia team and of Sony’s Developer Program has been speaking at XDA Devcon this week about Sony’s future relations with the devlopment community. One of his points is that Sony is considering offering officially supported AOSP ROMs for their most popular smartphones. These phones could include their recently released Z3 family as well as other handsets like the Z2, Z Ultra, and more although flagships will likely get the most support. Jerpelea himself with be working solo on the project so support could be limited to just a couple phones unless Sony decides to expand the project. 

This is the first time we’ve seen a major OEM do this. Oppo has taken similar moves in the past, but no major OEM has done that. Do you think more should? I would sure say so. This is the kind of thing I’ve hope for for a while. Consumers should have the choice of what software they want, and Sony could be taking the first big step in that.

Via: Android Authority

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