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Nexus 6 Leaks In The Wild – Confirms Previous Leaks

Nexus 6 Leaks In The Wild – Confirms Previous Leaks
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Leaks are really starting to heat up with the Nexus 6, and today we have one of the best yet. Seen out in the wild is a man holding the phone in his hand and it would be pretty hard to deny that this is the Nexus 6. 

What do we learn from the image? First of all, it doesn’t seem like this phone is too big for some level of one-handed use. It is pretty big in the hand, but doesn’t seem completely unmanageable. Second, we learn that previous rumors and leaks about the phone’s design are true. We see the front facing speakers on the top and bottom as well as the middle-mounted power and volume keys. In the software we see Android L, as expected, but with a couple interesting additions. First of all, we see a heart in the top left corner which is likely for Google Fit. Second we do see those revised buttons and icons that we seen yesterday in a revised Android L build. Hopefully we will be seeing this device soon. What are your thoughts on the size of the phone now that it is being seen in perspective?

Source: Android Police

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